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Published on August 1, 2006 By andrew_ In New Releases

Every now and then I get a little free time, and put together some 1s and 0s into something useful. I originally wrote this for the members of an Aqua emulation forum as a Windows equivillent to Snapshooter for OSX, but figured I would share it around.

I present to you RumShot 0.8.1. (download link at bottom)

PLEASE review the Rumshot Guide included in the download if you are new to the application or it's themes.

A few things to note...

  • RumShot themes are just zip files - to see how to make your own, change the extension on the theme files to .zip, extract and have fun. The xml is really very straight forward.
  • To report bugs please copy the exception text or error message (if any) and paste it using http://rafb.net/paste !!
  • Feel free to throw out a bunch of suggestions, but please keep in mind that the interface isn't likely to change much, if at all.

Rumshot REQUIRES the .NET 2.0 Framework. Go here if you dont have it already. No, you can not use a beta version of 2.0 with this.


This beta expires on September 1st, 2006.

And as always...

Preview of the app (cause someone asked for one)

Lastly -- If you have a theme/border that you created (or permission to port someone else's - you need proof, btw) for another app and would like me to port it for you, please private message me and I will be happy to help.

Download here http://dl031.filefactory.com/dl/f/f5c13d/b/6/h/5bcc9be859ba7aea/


on Aug 01, 2006
I'm not familiar with OSX applications. What kind of applications are we talking about here? (I'd normally just download and try it, but I'm on a dial-up atm.)
on Aug 01, 2006
It's not OSX, it works for Windows. It's a cool program that lets you take a screenshot of your desktop and create a preview with one click.
on Aug 02, 2006
Just a note. Updated the build, the post and the download link to fix a problem with using the popout window feature. If you downloaded 0.8 then get 0.8.1!
on Aug 03, 2006
You have no idea how long I have waited for this. This is so cool.

Why a Sept. 1 time bomb though?
on Aug 03, 2006
Because it's a beta build, and it reminds people that they should go look for a stable build or a new beta build, rather than continue to use something that may have bugs in it.
on Aug 03, 2006
Looks nice. Is there any way to change the path for the skins folder etc?
on Aug 03, 2006

Nada. It's stuck to My Documents/Rumshot Themes. You can save the previews/screens to anywhere you like.

There's a 45 theme pack that you can download here http://dl018.filefactory.com/dl/f/e79f63/b/7/h/4873b3148db2e805/ as well.

on Aug 04, 2006
Nice I'll have to grab them as well.
on Aug 04, 2006
btw, is there any chance it's on your to-do list to set the location of the folders? I generally try To avoid application using My Documents as a saving spot.
on Aug 06, 2006
Damn...go on vacation for a few days and forget to check replies. Thanks.
on Aug 07, 2006
thomassen, sorry, that's not on the list. It's safe to say that wont be changing anytime soon.
on Sep 01, 2006
Hi, is there an update to this version? Your post says it expires today. I'd like to try it out, but will wait for the next version. Thanks!
on Oct 30, 2006
on Oct 30, 2006
on Oct 30, 2006