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Excellent Download Manager Poo'ified.
Published on June 20, 2008 By andrew_ In Internet

So anyone active in the Stardock Community knows that I don't think that Firefox is the end all, be all of web browsers. In fact I think it's still way behind a browser like Opera. Opera just isn't as popular. So I digress.

Anyhow, I dont use Firefox full time at home and I still do most of my browsing at home on IE6 (shush. I like it.) However while I'm hard at work on the Stardock family of websites, Firefox is my primary browser. I've come to love Maxthon for using the IE7 engine (most for testing and gmail) instead of the default IE7 install, which is horrible imho. And for evrything else that falls into normal browsing I use Firefox now primarily at work. For web development, even with the annoying bugs that come with it, Firebug is just the bees knees and nothing else matches it for IE or Opera.

Firefox 3 is realeased. Huzzah! Or not.

They've updated the js engine again. Sigh. Lot's of things work better. (Great!) And they've introduced some new oddities with scripts that used to work fine. (Damnit.) Now onto my BIGGEST gripe. What in the hell were the developers thinking when they 'updated' the download manager. HONESTLY. Firefox has always had one thing down pat - Developers who understood how to write decent code while maintaining a great look and feel and usability. Looks like we have a new hand in the pie, because the download manager is horrendous. What before didnt need an extension, now does. I've turned to 'DownloadThemAll' as a replacement for the download manager until they fix it back up, if ever. I loathe the default download manager so much that I'm going to resist putting Firefox 3 on my dev box until I absolutely have to.


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