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Published on September 2, 2008 By andrew_ In Forum Issues

Version v1.6 of the forums was recently published. The wincustomize and stardock forums were finally moved over to them today, and were the last two forum sites to be moved. Our other 14 forum sites (yes, thats right. This codebase runs 16 forum websites) were gradually moved over to this new version.

Along with a massive changelist, the forums are now running on new hardware, with a new setup and all kinds of fancy new bits that we're hoping will improve performance and stability.

And now the change list. I did my best to keep up with all of the changes that I made, but there's always a chance that I missed something;


  - Updated the editor to use TinyMCE in line with the Impulse Community and JoeUser
  - Refit onto the new Stardock.Web.UI backend.
  - Updated login system
  - Fixed Quickreply to properly forward to the correct page when a reply was submitted.
  - Fixed editing a reply whereby the page should forward you back to the newly edited reply.
  - Updated Quickreply such that if an error occurs when attempting to make a reply, you are redirected instead of allowing the postdata to persist. Your attempted reply text is kept around and a message is displayed.
  - Added an area to display the original content of a reply when editing a reply.
  - Updated the error handling when creating a new post and editing a post. Friendlier messages displayed when an error happens, data is cached so nothing is lost clientside.
  - Updates the account pages to use the new layout/presentation and function available on Impulse Community and JoeUser
  - Fixed a data integrity issue where and internal operation would fail when creating a new post, resulting in bad data. Replies made to such a post would also reflect bad data.
  - Bookmark menus now show items in the order specified by the db.
  - Found a better workaround for the annoying IE 'Operation Aborted' error when executing DOM manipulating javascript. Menus on the site should render much faster now.
  - Added the enhanced quoting from JoeUser/Impulse Community and improved it slightly.
  - Fixed the missing line break issue when selecting text on the page and clicking the 'quote' button.
  - Posts (and their associated replies) deleted for more than 90 days are automatically pruned.
  - Updated user profiles with more information for admins.
  - Stardock.Menus.v11 created - Reduced the size of the script. Improved rendering speed and removed absolute sizing to correct clipping and display issues. Updated css classnames.
  - Added Code Block dropdown from the old editor to the TinyMCE editor as a plugin.
  - Fixed an issue with multiple code blocks in one post not rendering correctly.
  - Updated the codeblock rendering to output line numbers.
  - New UserGroup for GasPoweredGames staffers.
  - Updated the Stardock Support UserGroup badge.
  - Condensed all UserGroup images into single image for faster downloading/rendering.
  - Condensed all button images into single image.
  - Condensed most small images/glyphs into single image.
  - Updated the icon legend.
  - Fixed the category last post job so that it no longer includes nonvisible posts.
  - Reworked position of pager and informational elements when viewing a post. (Mainly to make room for the karma and report button)
  - Referral links are only visible to the post author and moderators+.
  - Paging on posts will now scroll to the replies after page load. Prevents extra scrolling for very long posts.
  - Added a section to the Board Stats which displays those users who have participated on the forum and have birthdays [today].
  - Fixed some cache keys in the unlikely event that we ever want to run forums and a blog site on the same process.
  - Added karma button for post. Users can now give karma for the initial post and not just replies.
  - Added report button for post. Users can now report posts, not just replies.
  - Fixed a problem with the download urls on the My Account > Registrations page.
  - Account Images (avatars, personal photos, desktops) moved to new server. Process flow for updating these images updated and address forwarding implemented.
 -  New editor now supports multiple smile themes. DIGI*CONS and Classic themes implemented.
 -  Backend will now parse text for theme-based smiles.
 -  Updated the flash upload control on the Account > Images page along with the scripts running them. More efficient and output is more verbose.
 -  Updated all user links to point to the same url. /user/accountid is now the format.
 -  Updated the Karma display page (for each user) to reflect the Username of the person who gave them Karma. Yay for accountability.
 -  Fixed an accounts problem with IE, the Birthday fields and poor support for html 4.01.
 -  Fixed a FF3 issue with the account images not refreshing properly after upload/remove.
 -  Fixed a problem with the url rewriting not allowing certain paths due to a bug in the .net framework.
 -  Smiles no longer render within code blocks.

As always, the forum version is located at the bottom of each page. If for some reason you're not seeing this new version number and don't want to wait for your DNS to update, you can do the following:

- Start > Run > type 'cmd' (minus the ') and hit enter
  type 'ipconfig /flushdns' (minus the ') and hit enter

You'll need to close and open your browser for this to take effect. If you're still not seeing it, well, then your ISP is just slow to update and you'll have to be patient.

(Just a friendly reminder; Forum Update posts will be moderated with an iron fist. Please do not reply with feature requests or ask when/if features will be available or when/if bugs will be fixed. Thanks)

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on Sep 02, 2008



Stardock Forums v1.6.3167.15149
FF 3.0.1
Not sure if related to new forums going up, when click My Site from home or gallery pages it takes me to My Settings/Account page, open on Personal Site tab. I have cleared cache and deleted all cookies.


I've had that happen probably about once every 3 weeks for the last few months. Usually logging off and then right back on and then clicking the My Site button again will get you through it.

on Sep 02, 2008

After logging in on the home page everything seems alright. Then I click to the forums and I'm not logged in there and all the advertisements are showing. When I log in again the ads don't go away. Anyone else having trouble?

Same issue here.

Hate the ad's but will hold to see what happens.

Also, Will we EVER see our watchlist come back?  I dont get on here all the time, and i loved being emailed when there was an update to a post. 

Lastley, will this help with the issue of the "My replies/posts" showing activity on something that no one has added a post to in months or longer?  I look at mine and i clear them out, then i come back and the next day i see 20 updates and 80% of those are dated 2-3 or more MONTHS ago.. Makes no sense to me.  (i cleared ALL these this morning, and look at the dates???)

on Sep 02, 2008

Usually logging off and then right back on and then clicking the My Site button again will get you through it.


Seems it was about the third time that was the charm. Had already logged out and in a couple times, tried once again after seeing zakai's post, My Site link now working.

on Sep 02, 2008

BTW ADs are finally gone.. i think i have closed FF 3 or so times.

on Sep 03, 2008

There seems to be a display error with the newpost icon. Can see it in David's shot but here's with it pointed out. Happens on front page and full recent post list. Oh...just noticed it displays that way in the icon legend too, hmm.


on Sep 03, 2008

Is there an edit button yet?

on Sep 03, 2008

Is there an edit button yet?

on Sep 03, 2008

There was an edit button for me...

on Sep 03, 2008

thanks for the update I love the check all forums thing..



Also are we gettin our EDIT button back for here? or something as such?

on Sep 03, 2008

hum yeah seems to be no edit button for me yet either.. I hope this gets addressed





on Sep 03, 2008

Bug regarding the quote system (which I'm so glad to see btw).

Gah...why can't I insert a link? The code button is disabled, grr.




On reply #81, xscorpx quotes Aaron's reply #78, but the quote header says "reply 3" because it's the 3rd post on the page, instead of "reply #78" which is the proper reply number.

on Sep 03, 2008

Gah...why can't I insert a link? The code button is disabled, grr.

Select some text...

on Sep 03, 2008

Why would I need to select text when I already have the link url in my clipboard?


Ohyeah...cool that we can see who gave karma...but mine isn't showing names for the entire month of August.

on Sep 03, 2008

Nice updates andrew_

on Sep 03, 2008

Looking good guys


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