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Yes, stardock will indeed make you lose your mind.

But onto actual, factual matters at hand... I need a digital camera, so I can take a picture of all these sticky notes which appear on 'Pat's Fantastic Dancing Badger Task Board' - and yes, that is the actual name.

  • Implemented some fancy new TotalGaming.NET forums. Shh. Dont tell. And no, I wont tell you where they are. The large .NET is significant, since they have been ported over directly from my rewrite/retrofit of the JoeUser.NET forums for the soon to be seen Stardock Support forms. I've done an insane amount of forummumuming this week.
  • I have to be very obscure and not actually say what I did with something else on joeuser. We're being tricky and sly about it. But its cool, and definately tricky. Nah nah na boo boo.
  • Fixed some drop down lists on Wincusto that were trying to select multiple items of themselves. If that doesnt make sense, dont worry, it was only affecting 0.5% of you.
  • The afore mentioned Stardock Support forums will be making an appearance on a website near you soon. Spent a poopton of time on that.
  • Along with the new badass forum code, I went ahead and made the Category and Topic dropdowns dynamic javascript dropdowns. No longer will you have to suffer through a page load to change your category. Arent you lucky.
  • Spent about a day this week rewriting the TextEditor control (ya know, what im using to type this). Well not the javascript portion but the ASP.NET side of things. This was mainly for the soon to be new forums, but also so that the editors for everything could be run from a single point. This is huge for the management side of things (what none of you actually see) and will help to make that a beelyon times more portable.
  • Also introduced some new techniques to the fellas here that is making our code much easier to read and easier to work with. Should have some good results. The Pat approves.
  • Coined a new programming language this week: 'PatCode' or 'P++' or 'PBasic' or 'Pat.NET'

Some good stuff indeed.

Dirka Dirka Dirka!


on Apr 08, 2005
You can check out the forums at http://forums.totalgaming.net

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on Apr 08, 2005
Nice work Andrew.... you're efforts are appreciated. (Love the TG.net forums, although some more work needs done )
on Apr 09, 2005
Love the colors! The colors here are just this side of institutional.
on Apr 09, 2005
Sounds cool! I'm definitely only coding bad-ass code for now on.
on Apr 10, 2005
badger! badger! badger! badger! badger! badger! badger! badger! badger!
on Apr 10, 2005
Daylight come and I want to go home...