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Ultra slick mini suite containing WindowBlinds 4.5 skin with 2 designs. One that's silver/metal and a bright version to compliment the design of the Kapsules website. Both styles comes with normal non-transparent start menus and compact non-transparent start menus. Also included in the package is a walpaper in 1600x1200, 1280x1024 and 1024x768 resolutions, matching logons in the same resolutions, a Sysmetrix skin, a classic Winamp skin, backgrounds for ObjectDock Plus and a nice and partly animated cursor for CursorXP.

Click here for the Preview Image

Everything that's possible to skin in WindowBlinds is skinned, which includes special pane titlebar icons, shellstyle images, toolbar icons, animated throbbers and progress animations. See preview image for details.

For $8.25 you get the mini suite and a chance to support the developer of Kapsules and the designer of the suite.

To check out more stuff from PixelPirate, visit http://www.pixelpirate.dk or http://pixelpirate.wincustomize.com

If youre considering purchasing, please visit this thread for some useful information

KapsulOS for $8.25

Kapsules Website

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on May 21, 2005
Sexyness. The bar has been raised.
on May 22, 2005
gosh. tres orange. perhaps some pills are hard to swallow. choice is a wonderful thing non?
on May 22, 2005
Really well done. I'm surprised to see it not coming from TSF. Great work, certainly raises the bar as Hippy said.
on May 24, 2005
excellent looking suite. if you wanted to change the pills to red and blue
and change the overall feel to a dark green you could make a very impressive
matrix inspired suite

on May 24, 2005
Add the fact, that kapsules (the widget program) donators get this suite for free, I think.

It is just another way to support the program.
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