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Widget ForgeRecently the widgets archive for Kapsules underwent a complete redesign and rewrite. Affectionately called the 'Widget Forge' for some time, the archive was moved off of the kwidgets.com domain and into it's new home www.widgetforge.com. The new WidgetForge boasts a snappy new look and user experience. For Kapsules widget developers, the interface and process of adding and updating your widget has been improved and has some new features, including automatically alerting the developer to new comments and/or ratings for their widget and a better statistics display for the developer's widgets.

All in all the new archive is giant leap over the old and should help to spread the word about Kapsules and make finding and downloading more Kapsules widgets easier for every user.

PixelPirate is the man behind the new design and I encourage everyone to check out his work here on Wincustomize and on his personal website.

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on Dec 03, 2005
Kapsules seems to have really nice diversity in its widgets (e.g., drag-n-drop upload to Flckr, drag-n-drop file conversions, summary of Outlook e-mails and to-do list, etc.). It would be nice to see some of these widgets for DesktopX, too. Great ideas.
on Dec 03, 2005
I would like to see some of that stuff for DX too... maybe a nice contest will bring out some new widgets?
on Dec 04, 2005
those widgets have style. and so does the website design.

...I wonder if pixel pirate would make me a website?
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