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Kapsules Widgets Come to Wincustomize
Published on June 7, 2005 By Andrew Powell In WinCustomize News

In an ongoing effort to promote widget software, we have added a new section to Wincustomize.com for Kapsules Widgets.

Kapsules is a similar application to Konfabulator or DesktopX's widget enabling feature that allows you to place scriptable widgets on your desktop. Kapsules makes use of Windows Scripting Technology, which allows it to use any language which is availible with an Active Script engine. Kapsules boasts support for 8 scripting languages with the ability to write and run widgets in a host of additional scripting languages.  This includes, but is not limited to JScript, JScript.NET, PerlScript, PHPScript, Python, RubyScript, VBScript, and VB.NET.
Kapsules is a Freeware application.

Kapsules Website http://kapsules.shellscape.org

on Jun 07, 2005

Excelent, wellcome!

on Jun 07, 2005
Downloading the software now.
on Jun 07, 2005
Now that's great.
on Jun 07, 2005
coolness looks very nice
on Jun 07, 2005
Very cool news.
on Jun 07, 2005
Yes! Way to go andrew_ ! This it a GREAT app that i have been using for a while now, and i stand by it, it is better than Konfabulator IMHO.
on Jun 08, 2005
Good stuff Nice to see it on the list.
on Jun 08, 2005
Who so ever thought this ... he HAD Thought Incredible ...

Really Nice Addition ..
on Jun 10, 2005
How about a Konfabulator section too?