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Version 0.9.9 is a major milestone release of Kapsules.
Kapsules has seen a lot of changes since the last version. The Widget Settings, Window and main Configuration dialogs were completely redesigned and new controls were added to make changing settings a breeze. Special attention was paid to widget developers and nearly every request from developers for new widget capabilities and features were implemented. Several widget-authoring aspects were completely redone from the ground up. Once again resource use and speed was paid special attention. More assistance and support for scripting languages were added to make use of the widgets, which use these alternative languages easier for users.

Kapsules is a completely free, scriptable widget engine for Windows. Widgets are small application-like tools, which rest on your desktop. They can help make you more productive, display information, entertain your brain, or just give you something to smile at. Kapsules gives widget developers the choice of writing widgets eight different scripting languages including, but not limited to; JScript, VBScript, JScript.NET, VB.NET, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Kapsules is free to download and free to use, so go ahead and give it a try.

http://www.kwidgets.com/getstarted.aspx - Getting Started Guide for New Users
http://www.kwidgets.com/history.aspx - Version History and Change List.

Download - http://www.kwidgets.com/downloads.aspx

on Sep 18, 2005
Sounds good!
on Sep 18, 2005
hey. I like them Graphics objects. Seem very similar to the .NET graphics object. That's something I really miss in DX...